About NZILE Governance

NZILE is governed by the NZILE National Council, which is comprised of Registered Legal Executives from around New Zealand.

The council includes independent councillors, elected to the council at the national AGM, and the six branch presidents.

Branch presidents are elected onto the committee of the branch they represent. In that role, they are delegates for their branches on the council.

A list of current councillors can be found HERE.

Council meetings are held throughout the year and are a mix of teleconferences and face to face meetings. Generally, three to four meetings each year are face to face and are held over a weekend.

The council uses subcommittees to deal with matters outside of council meetings.

Current sub-committees:

  • Conference 2019
  • Disciplinary (convened if required)
  • Management
  • Professional Development (encompassing education, CPD, legislative recognition)
  • Promotions


Phone: +64 9 250 1630 | Fax: +64 9 250 1631
PO Box 38094, Howick, Auckland 2145, New Zealand
National Office: Level 2, 22 Picton Street, Howick, Auckland 2014


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